Master Sheet - Exceeds Row Limit

kgb2019 ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I am struggling to figure out how to have a "master" listing of customers that can be referenced by various sheets via INDEX/MATCH cross sheet formulas when that list is too large.

Here is my background:

I have a master customer listing of 6200 customers.  I use DataUploader to upload this into 3 sheets due to size limitations.  I have various "Roster" sheets that lookup  ~10 customers per sheet.  

My issues:

1. I do not have a unique identifier in the excel (upload) file, but DataUploader must delete and add new rows, therefore my formula and/or system created ID just gets deleted.

2. I want to use a lookup (INDEX/MATCH) on each Roster sheet so that we can type in the full name of a customer and have cells populate (address, contact info, etc.).  Even if I manually add my unique identifier formula into each sheet, I'm still unable to lookup against 3 separate sheets for each customer.


The only solution I am coming up with is to request a 1 sheet limit extension.  Am I missing something else that can work?

Thanks in advance!



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