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Field Labels in Card View

Suzy Park
Suzy Park
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi - I'm experimenting with Card View and am wondering if there is a way to include the field name as a label on the Card.  I have multiple numeric fields that I'd like to display on the card -  number of teams affected, # of hours estimated, site priority.   I know their positions on the card but others will not.   


Let me know if  I'm missing an option to do this.



  • Robin Sherwood
    Robin Sherwood Employee
    edited 08/08/16

    Hey Suzy, 


    Thanks for the feedback. We don't currently have field labels on cards. The only exception to this is the check box column type which we added a label to in this release. One of the reasons we have kept the lables off is they make the cards very busy.  If we were to add an option to enable labels where would you want to set that? Would it be by field? Would you want label before or after the value? 





  • Robin,  Thanks for the quick response - see below for more details.


    The 12 is the requesting site's assigned priority, 840 is estimated hours,  and 3 is the number of affected application teams.  The date is the Target Go-Live date and the Y indicates that this is a must do request.    I'd prefer to be able to set the label on a field-by-field basis with the default being the column name and the ability to modify that.   My preference would be for the label to precede the value:


    Must Do?:  Y

    Target Go-Live:  08/08/16

    Est. Hours:  840

    # Teams Affected: 3





  • Greg Gates
    Greg Gates ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 08/08/16

    Hey Suzy,


    I wanted to do the exact same thing on my own cards, so I second the feature request! For now, my work around is to have some hidden columns that pull together the text as I actually want it to be displayed. So for example, I would add an additional column to my sheet called "Display Est. Hours" and set the cells equal to:


    ="Est. Hours: " + [Est. Hours]1


    Once this column is all set, I hide it because I don't actually need to see it in grid view.


    Then, in Card View, instead of selecting "Est. Hours" as my field I select "Display Estimated Hours." Now your card will have the "Est. Hours: 840" line on it instead of just the number! I hope that helps! 

  • Thanks for the suggestion!

  • hi there, thanks for your input here!  i am also looking for this option to include column header in card view....when using it for workflow process display in dashboard style the field values are a little confusing for staff out 'on the floor' so would be grand to have an option to include this column title information.


    may it be available soon! :)

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