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Webform calendar question!

Monica Acob
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I'm a brand new user so please, be patient Cool    I created a very simple webform to send to employees to pick dates they could work a certain event.


HOW, once the date is no longer available can it be removed as a choice?


Any and all help would be so appreciated!




  • Tony Davidson - SmartSheet Certified User 2016
    edited 08/08/16

    Hi Monica..if you have multiple date options in a drop down you could just remove the date as an option to choose.  I am guessing there is probably a formula for this but my solution would be the simplest.  Good luck and just reach out if y want to discuss further.  Tony

  • Monica Acob
    edited 08/09/16

    Tony,  that would be a simple option if there were not other dates that used the same time frame selections.  So for instance,  August 18th from 9 -12 is no longer available, how would I not let someone schedule that time but still select that time frame for the 19th?

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