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Row & Update Requests - see message comment?

Doug Millsaps
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have a sheet set up to track drafting requests. i.e. A staff member submits a request to create or update a site map.  The persons in our drafting department get notified and one of them will start on the task.


In trying to keep all communications within SS (and not email discussions), I've instructed the drafting personnel to use the Send Row (or Update Request) to the staff member if they have a question about the assignment.  They do this and the staff member can respond by inserting a comment.  The problem here is that the original question doesn't show anywhere.  While the answer might infer what the original question was, it does not always.  It would be nice if the text from the "Message" block were added to the comments list.  


As a workaround, I'm having the drafting personnel enter their question(s) as comments and then using the Send row function to notify the original submitter to check the comments.


Now, if SS had more dynamic notification feature (as apparently requested by many here), the drafter could simply enter the question in the comment field and the original submitter could get automatically notified that there was a new comment.




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