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Card View IF Statements

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 I am trying to figure out if you can add an IF statement that says if you move a card to complete that it will mark the % complete in the project to 100%. Is this something that is possible?






  • Steve B.
    Steve B.
    edited 08/23/16

    Hi Dan - 


    Yes, this is possible and easy to do by nesting some IF statements.  Because Card View is driven off a drop-down, you can write a statement that changes the % complete for you.  


    For example,


    Say you have three lanes in Card View driven off of a drop-down column called "Status":  

    Not Started = 0%

    In Progress = 50%

    Complete = 100% 


    You would then write this statement in your % Complete column:

    =IF(Status1 = "Complete", 1, IF(Status1 = "In Progress", 0.5, IF(Status1 = "Not Started", 0)))


    This works with symbol columns too.  Just replace the numbers with "Text".  So for harvey balls you'd write =IF(Status1 = "Complete", "Full", IF(Status1 = "In Progress", "Half", IF(Status1 = "Not Started", "Empty"))).


    Hope this helps.


    - Steve B.

  • I am not able to get this to work. I have tried to do the suggestion above and have come up empty. It might be that I am not the greatest with IF statements. 

  • It's possible that the IF statement isn't correct:

    =IF(Status[1] = "Complete", "Full", IF(Status[1] = "In Progress", "Half", IF(Status[1] = "Not Started", "Empty", "Empty"))).


    IF statements needs a "true" and "false" designator...The example left it out.



  • Steve B.
    Steve B.
    edited 08/23/16

    Thanks, Jeff.  Actually both ways should work.  The example I gave works as written provided the column names are accurate.  


    Dan - Here's an example sheet showing how it all works. Toggle over to Card View, move the cards across lanes, and you'll see how the percentage and harvey balls change.  


    Steve B.

  • djm714
    edited 08/24/16

    I guess the issue i am having is what column this should go in. If i put it in the % complete then it no longer shows what percent the task is at anymore. I

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If Dependencies are enabled in the sheet, then the % Complete column can not contain a formula.



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