Integrate Smartsheet with Flows on update of a row in smartsheet

edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

Hi Team,

We are using Smartsheet and Dynamics 365 and one of our requirement is to integrate smartsheet with Dynamics 365.

We are primarily using flows for connectivity across applications and we are trying to leverage the smartsheet connector available in flows. Basically we are currently in need to update back something in Dynamics once a smartsheet row is created or updated.

The create scenario works fine since there is a trigger "When a new row is created". However there is nothing as such for update. "When a sheet is updated" trigger is there but that does not return which row has been updated and which fields for that matter. It just returns us the list of all the records currently there in the sheet.

We are really in need of help here. 

Any suggestion greatly appreciated.