Report Builder Problems

With the recent (Sept 19, 2019) update, non-licensed users no longer have the ability to update their Report Builder within SmartSheet.  This poses a significant problem for my company, as we have multiple licensed users and ~100 (non-licensed) individuals who execute the tasks assigned. 

Am I correct in thinking that each licensed user will need to manually add the sheets to each report builder so that the report query functions correctly?  This is not a scalable approach, as it would require each licensed user to do this 100x for my company every time a new sheet is created.  In my company licensed users to not have access to other licensed user sheets. 

I understand SmartSheet wants to increase the number of licensed users (to increase revenue), but is there a way to give non-licensed users a way to add sheets to their respective report builder?  I would be OK with the non-licensed users not having the ability to make other modifications to the Report Builder.