Automatic Upload a file to "Proofing" from a Form

fmundy ✭✭
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In the new "proofing" system, is there way to use a form to automatically send a file to "proofing" rather than to just upload the file? I can't find any method of getting a file into the "proofing" system other than by manually operation.

Thanks for any help!




  • BrianBosché


    I'm the product manager for proofing, and thanks for trying out the feature! This is something we are looking into adding, but for now the only way to upload a file to a proof is through the proofing panel on a sheet. Please let me know if you have any other questions!



  • Adriane Banks

    Hi, is there any update on this feature? This would be extremely useful for a product development project SOP I'm building for my company. Thank you

  • Geoff Baker
    Geoff Baker ✭✭✭✭
  • BrianBosché

    Hi @Geoff Baker ,

    What is your use case for this? I would love to understand better so we can see what solution would be best!



  • dqsoutherland
    dqsoutherland ✭✭✭✭

    Agreed here as well an I've entered a product enhancement request. We are an engineering planning and design company. I have 8 different teams, each with multiple managers writing proposals. We are very serious about QAQC , so the process is that the proposal writer fills out a QAQC Request form and it would skip at couple steps if the document submitted with the form immediately uploaded to proofs. Now, the person assigned has to download the proposal that was attached the the form and then turn around and drag it bag in as a proof. I'm guess isn't that it can't be added to the form, but a licensing issue as a license is not required to add a basic attachment in a form.

    I have hard time understanding why it requires a license to upload a proof at all.

  • Rhonda Mitchell

    1) Looking for an update on this feature: to add a proof through a form.

    2) Also looking to then move the proof through various contacts contingent on the type of proof.

    3) Separately, we are manually moving the row (or the proof) through the rounds or phases (draft, creative concept, final review & approval, then distribution) for an external communication process.

    Will review the community to seek if solutions are available for 2 & 3, and it relates to proofing perhaps someone can provide guidance.

  • Jenelle Bernard

    Hello, I work with a product development team and we would certainly benefit from having the proofing feature integrated with forms. Being able to upload the proofing through a form makes it easier for multiple team members to upload at any single point in time.

  • Jessica Gordon

    we would also benefit from this feature (adding a proof to a form), including this feature for unlicensed users.

  • Justin Guest

    We would also benefit from this feature. Content creators being able to upload a proof directly via a form would save us time.

  • Monique Mason
    Monique Mason ✭✭
    edited 02/06/21

    Researching the same. We also need the ability to enable proofing from the sheet or possibly the column level so that a form attachment is auto-proofing-enabled.

  • Jared Meiser
    Jared Meiser ✭✭
    edited 05/13/21

    I feel a bit like I'm just lumping my request on the pile, but the ability to upload a file directly to proofing is a seemingly obvious need, as a meaningful workflow that puts docs into and out of proofing is something I'd love. A workflow such as:

    1) Upload to proof via form

    2) Reviewers, identified based on form entry data are notified and reminded (if needs be).

    3) completion of proofing changes file status as appropriate and moves to appropriate location based on data included in form.

  • Tom Lipinski

    We are a photography/digital media firm and would greatly benefit from this feature.

    Currently using smart sheets in a limited capacity, but would implement this across the board (30+ new licenses) if we could automate or simplify the process.

    Please let me know if there are any updates.

  • Brian Cianciolo

    Please make this happen. I agree with the above statements that this would be used extensively.

  • Katherine Wood

    Have there been any updates to this feature? I work in pharmaceutical manufacturing and having the ability to upload to proof via form will eliminate the time wasted and potential for mistakes when manually adding files to a proofing workflow.

  • Rashmi Maheshwari

    Any updates on this feature request. I work in govt agency and ability to upload proof via form or api both would work for me. Direct link access to the row and proof.