I want task duration to ignore non-working days

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As part of my project I am ordering parts with multi-week lead times. I have 3 weeks upcoming that our business will be shut down but that will not affect my vendor's timeline. Can I remove a specific "task" from the project calendar and abide by a standard workweek calendar?


  • L_123
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    As far as setting the standard work week, have you looked a the project settings? Right click any column headers, then select edit project settings. You can play around with the settings in there to get what you want if I am understanding your question correctly.


    For removing the task I would have to see how the sheet is set up in order to give you a better answer.

  • nick_cruz

    Sorry about that. I don't think I made much sense originally. I will try to explain it better.

    I have attached a screenshot of my Gantt chart. In my project settings I added Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to "Non-working days" and you can see these shaded.

    My task, "Receive F modules" should take 4 weeks starting on 11/21. The vendor I order these parts from is not affected by Thanksgiving or Christmas. Therefore, the finish date should be 12/18.

    On my Gantt chart, however, you can see that "Receive F Modules" is affected by my scheduled non-working days.

    The work around that I discovered is that I can manually figure out my 4 week lead time (12/18 delivery date) and instead of entering a duration, I select 12/18 as a finish date.

    Is this the best way ? Did I do a better job in describing my problem?

    2019-11-18 09_29_59-MPX-45FG (VCR) Build Plan - Smartsheet.com - (3) MP-05H Project Build Plan - Sma.png

  • Kurt Robohm

    There is a help article published that may solve this - basically uses elapsed time rather than something that checks holiday and non-working time. Here is link to article: