Custom Fields and JIRA Ticket Imports

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My company is using a Smartsheet which uses custom columns fed by a request form.  The purpose of this sheet is to process and track product enhancement requests, and occasionally we will migrate JIRA tickets into the process as well, which is what I'm setting up the connector to accomodate.  

The problem I am having is that many of fields in the JIRA tickets are not translating into the corresponding Smartsheet fields, requiring me to create dedicated columns in the sheet to accomodate the JIRA information.  I'm not getting an error; the values just don't translate over.  The only one that works, in fact, is a text field containing a free-form description.  The ones that don't work are drop-down selectors with specified values and a user selector field (which I'm guessing uses ActiveDirectory)?  

Is it not possible to translate data from the connector to custom fields?  Having to create custom fields just for the JIRA information is not ideal aesthetically.  I noticed there's a column setting allowing you to toggle restriction of entered values to the ones specified in the Smartsheet column, but toggling this setting on and off doesn't seem to have any effect.


  • Hello,

    You shouldn't have any issue writing from Jira to Smartsheet with custom fields in most cases. There are some circumstances where you may only be able to write in one direction, but that doesn't sound like the issue you're describing. 

    Data restriction could be problematic but is sounds like you've already tried running the workflow with and without that enabled on the mapped columns.

    Without more information on the Sheet, the Workflow, and the fields you're using it will be hard to say what the issue might be. I'd suggest getting a case created with Smartsheet Support if you haven't already. To help narrow the issue I'd also suggest including a description of the dataflow you're trying to achieve and the a Workflow Execution file for the Jira Connector workflow when you create a case:

    Instructions for gathering Workflow Support Info File:

    1. In the Jira Connector dashboard, select the timestamp under the Run Date column of the workflow. This will bring you to the workflow run history where you can see any error messages for each run.
    2. Select the timestamp under Last Run for the latest run of the workflow.
    3. On following page, go to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines in the upper left) and choose Download Workflow Execution Support Info.


    Nathan L.

  • Nathan, I'm curious what fields are restricted to only writing in one direction.

    I have a custom field (Text / Number) that seems to be restricted to only sync from JIRA to Smartsheet (I cannot edit direction), but I would like it to also sync in the other direction. If I can change the field type in JIRA to allow two-way syncing, I'd be willing to do that. What JIRA field types can I use to allow two-way sync?