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Kenneth Howell
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Finding the maximum value over a range is a simple matter given Smartsheets formula.  How does one filter the data in the range?  That is, find the maximum value of the data in a column given, in my case, two conditions. If the row contains column cells where these conditions are true, then include the data in those rows for calculating the maximum value over the range. 




  • Jason Rowe


    I've come acrossed a situation which I believe is similar to what you are explaining and I hope what worked for me will do the same for you.

    It sounds like you are working with three columns that need to be included in your formula. Column one being [Condition1], column 2 being [Condition2], and column 3 being [Data to include] (if conditions are true).

    Make a new column with either one of these formulas.

    =IF([Column1]1 = "True", IF([Column2]1 = "True", [Data to Include]1, " "))

    =IF(AND([Column1]1 = "True", [Column2]1 = "True"), [Data to Include]1, " ")

    Of course change the cell information in the [ ]'s to match your cells and the "True" information to match your true condition. Copy the formula down the column and do your simple Max formula based off of this new column and you should be set.

    Hopefully this helps.

  • Kenneth Howell

    Yes, of course.  Thank you so much.



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