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Resource utilization

Daniel Shaw
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I am having some interesting results enabling resource utilization.  I created a project, enabled resource managment on Assigned to and % allocated.  I over utilized myself intentionally to test. 

When looking in the resource view I dont show any resource allocation and the project I created doesnt show up at all.

I can assign everyone in the organization - as an additional test I added a coworker and over allocated him as well.  Same result, my project doesnt show up at all under his name.




  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hello Daniel—


    A few factors I would double check:


    1. Was Resource Management enabled in your sheet? On the sheet, right-click any column header and select Project Settings > Resource Management.


    2. Is your assigned to a contact column type? Right-click that column's header and select Edit Column Properties.


    3. Are your Assigned to and % allocation columns designated as the columns to be used for resource management? 


    4. Is your resource view made to show that project, specifically? Your resource view might be for a different date range which would exclude that project from the view.


    I'd also recommend checking out our Help Center article on resource management  available here: http://help.smartsheet.com/articles/1346969-resource-management-allocation-team-enterprise-only-


    If you're still experiencing issues after exploring the above, contact Support@Smartsheet.com for more information.

  • Daniel Shaw

    Resource management is enabled on the sheet with a contact colunm for assigned to.

    Both Assigned to and % allocated are designated in resource managment.

    I dont see a way to point at a specific project, I rebuilt the view just to test.

    Any resource enabled project I am picking up.  Dates have been extended to the maximum allows of just under a year.


    How can I designate the resource view I built to only look at a specific project.


    Thank you for the info.


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Daniel—when creating a new resource view, you'll see a dropdown in the new resource view window that allows you to set the view by project, by user, or by group. Check out the resource management article from my previous comment for visuals on this.


    I'd try switching this to by project. You'll then have the opportunity to select or deselect the projects you want to include in the view, but note that projects you deselect may still appear in the view if they have allocation on resources that overlap. 


    One other point of note on resource management is that all resources assigned must be members of the same plan. You should be seeing your own allocation, as long as the email address assigned to the task in the sheet is the same email address that you use for Smartsheet. 


    If the above doens't help, please reach out to Support@Smartsheet.com and they can troubleshoot more extensively. 

  • Daniel Shaw

    Thank You

    Appreciate it!



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