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Hi, can anyone help? We have created a booking form to request tickets for an event on a certain date.  As part of the booking process, the user can also select up to 17 other (internal) guests to accompany them to the event. I have already configured the following

  • set the guest column up as contact type
  • allowed multiple contacts in the guest column (I know there is a limit of 20 but we are under this)
  • I have imported all the internal guests (all 170 of them) into my smartsheet contacts
  • I also created a view only group of 5 pilot guests and added them as collaborators to see if they then appeared in the form autosuggest (they didn't)

Whilst the form makes the booking process easier, I cannot manage to get an autosuggest to work on the guest field in the form. The autosuggest DOES work on the guest field in the underlying smartsheet, but I don't want to allow users edit access to the underlying sheet.

Ideally what I would like is to share the form url to all users, and for the users to be able to see the autosuggest feature in the guest field on the form when they search for names of guests.

Is there a simple solution that I have overlooked? With thanks in advance



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    There is not a straightforward answer to this, but there is a solution within smartsheet's software. What you can do is embed the form in a dashboard, then post  your suggestions as one more multiple metrics on the side in the dashboard.

    Forms are currently not dynamic, you cannot change anything in them based on criteria. This is something that many users have requested, I believe this could be placed in the dynamic dropdowns category, and recommend you put in a product enhancement request using the url on the right side of this webpage.


    But the embedded form with dynamic metrics for suggestions to the side should work well, and do everything you are requesting. Also you can keep it in a professional format.