VLOOKUP? Array? Collect? Match?

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So--I have basic formula knowledge but feels like I'm outside my wheelhouse.

All I want to do is return a specific start date based on a couple criteria:

Week (1-7, beginning 2/20/20)

Start time (morning, midday, night) Note: all morning work starts on Friday, all midday work starts on Wednesdays, and all night work starts on Mondays. There will be no exceptions. Thus:

  • If week = 1 and start time = morning, start date = 2/21/20;
  • if week = 1 and start time = midday, start date = 2/26/20;
  • if week = 1 and start time = night, start date = 2/24/20.
  • ...and so on.

The only way I know how to do this currently is nested IF/AND statements. However, having all that for 21 variations sounds like a ridiculously inefficient way to do things. Would an array work? Or some sort of VLOOKUP table?

Thanks in advance for your time!


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