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in Dashboard, i'm trying to compare the data preview between "Edit mode" and "Preview in publish link", i found the difference information time on "created date", please advise.


  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee


    Is it possible you're looking at a dashboard that was created by someone else? If so, the published Dashboard will display that person's regional preference (Personal settings > Settings > Regional Preferences).

    When you're logged in to Smartsheet, the Dashboard should reflect your own regional preferences. I hope that helps!

  • Bengs
    Bengs ✭✭

    Hi Alejandra,

    thanks for your sharing,

    i am pretty sure that the person's regional preference is same with my own regional preference when i filled the data and showing in dashboard because i simulated by my self.

    i set my time zone : (GMT+7) Asia/Bangkok

    for your info :

    1. I used "form" to collect the data and "created" column is system-generated
    2. I create a report by using the sheet above and setting "when" with criteria for created is today
    3. I put the report in dashboard using add widget and comparing the result between edit mode view & preview in publish link, and the result has the difference date/time as above.

    My other question : how the smartsheet get the value "is today" in report, "today() function" in sheet and also "system- generated" refers to no.1, are all of them are using regional preference/time zone consistently? thanks for sharing