More customization of update request emails

I am looking to send more specific information or instructions with an update request. For example, if the sheet has 15 columns, and I send 10 columns out in an update request, I want to be able to add a column description or some form of instructions for each individual requested column update. As of now, the only info that seems to carry over into the update request is the column name (not even the column description goes out with the request). Any help is appreciated! Thanks


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  • austinurbanSeagate
    Answer ✓

    If anyone else ends up having this issue, for the above work-around I would suggest the following:

    Reduce the number of Admin on the sheet to as few as many

    Label the filler column "FORM INSTRUCTIONS" or something equivalent

    Write out the detailed instructions desired in the first row's cell, copy the instructions down the entire column

    Hide AND lock the column

    By making people non-admins, the update request will lock the editing of the instructions cell and make it look like a header rather than a needs-to-be-updated cell.