conditional jump to location in Automation

Regis Wheeler
edited 01/20/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I am finding that an issue arises when there are several approval steps in an automation where for example a Reject selection may be to re-query via email the originator to revise the data entered and resubmit with Update Request action. As I understand Automation, each Reject decision path needs to have duplicate flow steps after it as the original approval, approval, approval flow. Example case where approve was selected, and then rejected in a later step, resubmitted and then accepted. The automation flow becomes unnecessarily cumbersome with all this flow duplication (imagine a flow with several rejection-edit-approval nodes.

Automation feature needs an action type that re triggers the automation to restart from the beginning. in this fashion, conditional nodes can properly direct these 'rework' flows without all of the flow duplication.

Alternatively (or maybe additionally) automation flows might have an action to jump to another node in the flow, conditional branching in other words.

Either of these two capabilities would greatly enhance automation, if i am understanding Automation correctly.