Dashboard/ Report "Current User" Not Updating

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Seem to have an issue with the Dashboard I just created not updating appropriately. I have a report reading various project information from a sheet. With said report, I have the condition set to filter based on "Current User", which is reading the Project Manager Column (set to Contact List).

The issue I'm seeing is if another user views the dashboard, the underlying report is not refreshing to view their information, as the "Current User" setting would suggest.


  • Hi @Curry Cates

    We don't currently have the ability to extend the Who Criteria, "Current user" , on a Report to a Report Widget within a Dashboard. Please submit an Enhancement Request from the link on the right when you have a minute!

    At this time, if the Criteria, "Current user" is selected and the Report is being displayed by the Report Widget, the User who created the Report Widget will only have their Data displayed within the Dashboard.

    You may want to use a Shortcut Widget instead, that navigates the User to the Report in order to see their own information directly in the Report.



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