Attachments (Renaming, Sorting and Download features)

Jessica Chandler
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edited 02/05/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I have already submitted an enhancement request because I'm fairly certain these features don't exist but am asking the community in case there is a work around that someone has devised that could help me in the meantime.

I have a sheet with several hundred rows.

Each row is associated with a person.

Each row has an attachment that is is associated with that person.

I want to download all attachments in the sheet but I need the attachments to be sorted alphabetically.

THE PROBLEM : The names of the attachments are all the same. When I download them in bulk the only options for sorting the downloads are by "Date" "Name" "Size" or "User". None of these indicators help me determine which person the file belongs to.

"NAME" - There does not appear to be an easy way to change the attachment name for each row. It seems that I actually have to download each attachment, rename it and then upload it again. There is an option to "Edit the description" but that does nothing to help me with sorting. That seems to be more for version control.

"USER" or "DATE" - I tried adding a system column for "user" or "date" to see if I could modify it somehow but that didn't work since the system column is related to the row and the sorting ability for attachments is related to the actual attachment.

"SIZE" - I didn't even bother with this because the documents are all roughly the same size.

Has anyone discovered a faster way of getting attachments out of smartsheet that can be sorted in a particular order?

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