Creating a folder in Sharepoint via Power Automate

Paul Wheeler
Paul Wheeler ✭✭
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Good afternoon,

I've been working on automating processes in our work order management, and seem to be running into complications when trying to create new folders in a sharepoint site when a new row is added to a sheet. How could I create a new folder in Sharepoint, with the name matching a certain column within the sheet the row was added to? ie, the Primary Column.

There seems to be a large selection of complex fields, but I'm not sure how they are mapped (see photo). When it tells me the flow has run successfully, it does not actually create a folder.

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  • Sara Mooradian
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    I am able to get this to work for me, almost. It creates the folder but for some reason doesn't grab the first column ('#') in the name of the new folder, it's only capturing, Name. I am suspecting this is because '#' is an auto-generated field and is therefore not a string (I think). You may have the same issue. Try adding a different column in the first box. Here's my flow that works (almost):