Workflow sending notification through Smartsheet but not email.

I thought based on my personal settings I can get an email notification from workflows but I do not receive one. It only comes through Smartsheet at the top right where the bell is listed. How can I get this through email?

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  • John Morgenthaler
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    I did speak with Smartsheet and the email issue was solved. Previously I thought I was not getting the emails but the person that set up my white list created a rule for smartsheet emails to be auto directed to a Smartsheet folder within Outlook instead of going to my inbox. Within Outlook I clicked on the Home tab -> under Move select Rules.

    Along with the Outlook rules we did set up the whitelist & added the smartsheet names to my safe sender list to Outlook. We made sure Smartsheet on my personal account settings and the sheet was set to unrestricted. Under your personal settings -> notifications -> select the "include my changes in sheet notifications" checkbox. I believe all these that I mentioned are included in the Smartsheet help page for getting email alerts/notifications except the outlook rule.

    Try testing the workflow/notification by sending to a personal email and the work email. In a separate test try sending it by using a contact in a cell instead of a specific email. It might show some insight.