Dynamic view - The row was filtered out by the view error when saving changes

Andrew K
Andrew K ✭✭
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I have a report that pulls in data from multiple sheets. I created a dynamic view of that report. Whenever I try to change a cell's data using the details pop out I get an error saying, "The row was filtered out by the view". I have access to all the underlying sheets and report. Also, the change I am making, say changing the status from "received" to "in process" would not filer out that line from my report so or the dynamic view. I'm not sure what i causing this. And it happens no matter what data I'm trying to change so it's not tied to a specific field. I have created other dynamic views (from reports) that work fine so I'm not sure what is it about this specific one. Thanks,


  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi Andrew,

    It looks like Support has already answered this for you, but for anyone else who's having the same issue, here's what's likely causing that error:

    You could potentially get the error if the Report was created, then the Dynamic View created, then the Report criteria edited to no longer include the exact same rows as the View.

    Check the Report Criteria to make sure that it includes all the rows visible on the Dynamic view. If there are rows visible in Dynamic view that are not included in the report, Edit the Dynamic view settings to exclude any of these rows not visible in the report. 

    If this is not your issue, Andrew, keep working with Support and they'll be able to troubleshoot this further with you.