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Create a resource view

James Morgan
James Morgan ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have a number of sheets with a large number of people on a team all doing part of the work.  The Report feature is good at showing the tasks on a gant chart across the business but it presents it as one line per task which means that there are possibly 15 lines for one person.  Thats a bit difficult to manage.  The calendar view of the report would be good but it does not allow for editing of the information displayed on the calendar.  It also presents each task in a line but the view is a littel better.


Is there a way to do this ?  I appreciate that there is a resource planning feature in the top end but this will mean that every collaborator on the sheet (about 60) will need an account and that expense is prohibitive for us.





  • Hello James,


    Although you can't drag and drop events in the Calendar view of your report, you can right-click on a task bar and select *Edit* to make changes to the task.


    You might try this if you're a fan of the Calendar view.

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