Joget DX, dynamic drop downs or assigning effort hours to wbs elements

Risto Nykanen
Risto Nykanen ✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations


Has anyone experience on Joget DX platform/form builder and integrated it with Smartsheet? I would be interested in hearing if it is easy to apply or a doable solution or if there are more suitable options. After viewing Joget a bit, it seems to me that it has quite flexible form builder widgets and it could communicate with Smartsheet e.g. through Google suite. One should be able to build flexible dynamic/cascading drop downs.

Basically, I would like to build a dynamic form where user makes several hierarchical selections and the following drop down selections are assigned based on the earlierly selected drop down value. Each textual selection would correspond to a numeric value. After several choices one could sum the selection combination like (a wbs code for five consecutive choices made) and the user would then input number of effort hours. In the end one would have four outputs/columns: wbs code, hours, date, and submitter. Then I would like to send the record to Smartsheet "database" sheet with summary section that sums up total number of hours for each wbs element/number. Then I would collect or reference the result to wbs dictionary or any other sheet I want to see the total effort used for each delivarable.

Alternatively maybe building a wbs diagram to a Smartsheet dashboard widgets where user would click widgets and a prefilled (with wbs number) linked SS form would open and the user would only have to input his name/email, date and hours. I was hoping to do this with SS dashboard with any integration but it is quite difficult to make the widgets small and clean enough to fit enough of them. Maybe a Lucid chart (hyperlinks to SS forms in chart boxes) would be a better option? Would the Lucid chart connection be reliable and always usable?

Any thoughts or show stoppers you might see or more easier solutions?

Thank you for any comments,