Best way to manage Quality Check in a planning ?



I would like to know the way to manage "Quality Checks" into a planning with Smartsheet.

Ex :

Task 1

Task 1.1

Task 1.2 -> related to a specific Quality Check

Task 2

Task 2.1


I want to manage on the same time % complete of all of the tasks (with childcount()=0) and for some of them (like here for Task 1.2) to be able to capture that the Quality Assurance step for this task is "checked". Because 100% complete for a task sometime doesn't mean that the Quality check was done by the right person assign to.

Would it be better to manage this Quality Check as Sub-Task of the Task 1.2 in the example above with a duration =0 ? Will be better to setup Approval Workflow automation using an additional "Approval status" column ? or other idea ?

Thanks !



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi Samuel,

    Could you maybe post a picture of how your sheet is currently set up? (Blocking out any sensitive data).

    It sounds like either of your ideas may work, but it really depends on what's needed afterwards, or how you're using the sheet for other tracking purposes.

    Personally I would set up an Update Request workflow for the Quality Check, but I'm a bit partial to Update Requests. I like that there's a log of them on the right so you can check to see if one is sent out and Pending or has been Completed. You can lock columns you don't want to be editable, and essentially just send the Quality Check box & the title of the task to the user in a specific column for that row.

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