Admin with no access to a Dynamic View

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I have a user added as an Admin to both the Workspace and the Dynamic Views and still unable to access the Dynamic Views, they won't even show as available in the Views menu. The shared users can access said DV's. Any ideas why the Admin can not??? Thanks!


  • Hi Silvia,

    This is definitely unexpected behaviour; I've just tested on my Dynamic View, adding an Admin of the sheet as an Admin on the View and it showed up as expected.

    I would maybe suggest having the user log out and in again, just in case that helps the new view to appear in their menu? Then if this doesn't work, contact Smartsheet Support, providing the email address, associated sheet name, and images like you have here.



  • @Genevieve P I did have the person log out and back in without change. l had the person reach out to support to have them troubleshoot this issue, since it's happening for 3 dynamic views. I will update once l hear back.... Thanks!

  • Hi there @Silvia Rangel! Did you reach a resolution on this topic? An Admin in our Workspace is having the same issue with Dynamic View and I wanted to check before contacting Smartsheet Support.

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