How do you create a contact list based on 2 seperate sheets using a Vlookup.



Looking for some assistance with an issue we are having populating contact lists based on 2 separate sheets using a vlookup. To summarize the attachment, we have a sheet with a list of account owners and their email addresses (Client Services Listing) that is feeding into another sheet (CSLS Teams by Account) which lists

all of our current accounts essentially creating a contact list by account. We want to use the CSLS Teams by Account sheet to feed another sheet that is using automation to send emails based on a contact list field (3 contact emails) being generated using a vlookup function. We have found that we can only use a vlookup if we are directly referencing a sheet where the contacts have been selected manually (Example: Warehouse Contact Lookup).

The contacts for accounts change frequently so we are trying to avoid having to update the sheet manually. Any help here is greatly appreciated

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