Setting different working days for individuals


Is there a way to set different working days for individuals? I know that it is possible to define working days through the Project Settings function but I want to set this for one person only to reflect their part time working structure - is this possible?

Any advice would be gratefully received.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Harriet,

    At this time it's not possible to set up specific working days per-resource or per-person; as you've found, you can set working days for the Sheet in the Project Settings, but this will apply to the entire sheet/project, not just to one individual. (Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment!)

    Depending on how your set up looks, you could potentially set up your project to have different people with their own specific sheet/working days, then use a Report to pull together specific information across these sheets.

    Alternatively, you may want to look into 10,000ft as a resource management software for tracking working days & individual workload.



  • djpreece


    My Engineering team asked about this again, as many companies have a global workforces I suspect this is a common request. I did file an enhancement request in Oct 2020.

    I understand 10,000ft is more geared towards resource management but it's not clear it actually solves this problem (holiday schedule per resource on a single Smartsheet)

    Does anyone have a solution that does not involved multiple sheets/reports?

    My sheets have a column that automatically populates a column with the world region for each resource, would be useful to use that to confirm working days vs non-working days. (again per resource on the same sheet)



  • Sindresops

    Hey djpreece,

    Was about to give up, but saw your comment and decided to give it another go. I got it working somewhat.

    We also have a column denoting "Tax country". I ended up using the NETWORKDAYS() function to calculate number of working days in a range, then add the off days as as third argument. The third argument checks for tax country, and applies a range of non-working days that are specified in another sheet.

    To sum up the working days I just did SUM(CHILDREN) in the parent row and copied it to the other parent rows (while haveing all chilrden rows closed),

    Hope this helps :)