Hierarchical numbering patterns?


Anyone with experience setting up hierarchical numbering schemes?

I want to add a column that is hierarchically auto-numbered such that child rows are added to the numbering scheme as increased decimal points. For example 

1. Row 1

--1.1 sub item of row 1

---1.1.1 sub item of row 1.1

---1.1.2 sub item of row 1.1

---1.1.3 sub item of row 1.1

--1.2 sub item of row 1

2. Row 2

--2.1 sub item of row 2

---2.1.1 sub item of row 2.1

---2.1.2 sub item of row 2.1

---2.1.3 sub item of row 2.1

--2.2 sub item of row 2

The row number once generated would be static so that if I deleted a row, the other numbered rows continue to exist with their same numbering scheme unless I choose to have them renumbered. 

Further, I want to add a prefix to the number scheme based on a selection in a column. For example, if I have a column called "type", I can setup different prefixes of the number pattern based on the selected column value:

ID# Item Type

stry-1 first item Story

-accp-1.1 criteria one Acceptance Criteria

-accp-1.2 criteria two Acceptance Criteria


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