Sync Epic Name or Parent Name to Smartsheet

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I'm using the Jira to Smartsheet Connector. I've setup a Workflow that is filtered to only pull down Tasks and Sub Tasks, so it filters out Epics. I've turned off the "Maintain JIRA hierarchy" under Row Groups. I would like to bring the Epic Name or Parent Name for the Task / Sub Task across as a field on the Smartsheet; however Epic and Parent do not appear to be options under Jira Fields.

The purpose of the sheet is to show all of the Tasks that need to be done, so that they can be ranked by priority independent of the Epic that they're associated with. So, I do not want those Tasks Grouped under the Epic; however I do need to be able to see which Epic they're associated with in the Smartsheet.


  • Nathan Lloyd


    With the Jira Connector, there's currently no what to apply a field from another Issue Type into a row. It will only pull whatever available fields you have mapped in the workflow, if those fields exist and are populated for the issue. One suggestion would be to map the "Epic Link" field as that's the field that's generally used to establish the parent/child hierarchy in Jira. This would display in the sheet as the Epic Issue Key value (not the Epic Name itself).

    If you wanted to display the Epic Name, you could consider a separate sheet and workflow that would pull only Epic issue types in, then use a VLOOKUP in your original sheet to pull the matching Epic Name based on the Epic Link value present in the row. Please see the example below for how that would look in practice:

    Hopefully that's a workable option for you!


    Nathan L.