Control Center Global Updates and Preserving Sheet Data


I am wanting to do my first global updates and add a column to my sheets. As I was researching the effects of a global updates, I discovered an article about updating Dashboards and how when Dashboards are updated any changes to the Dashboard are reversed and the Dashboard will then reflect only the data in the Template.

Now after reading that I am very worried that when I add a new column to a Sheet I could somehow inadvertently delete all of the user inputted data on the sheets to which I apply the global update. I am pretty sure this will not happen and all of the data on the sheets will be maintained but I need some reassurance from someone who has done Global Updates before.


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    some time ago since I worked with SCC, but i try ;-)

    Could you please link the article you mention? So I can better check if it's content has anything to do with your plan.

    From my knowledge, updates to sheets via SCC are something different then updates to dashboards via SCC. You write, that you want to add a column to your sheets. Even if the article you are worried by is telling the truth about dashboards etc. (I doubt), it would not affect your use-case.

    I remember that global updates either modifies your template (used for project deployment), or the projects based on that template. I also remember that SCC offers to check a sample rendering of the modified sheet before doing the actual change to all sheets.

    Dashboards and reports can be affected if you modify (change the sequence or add a column in-between) ranges of columns in some sheets and use formulas referencing to these ranges.

    So you better first try with your template (backup provided) and check all reports and dashboards before changing active projects.

    Hope this helps


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