When using Dynamic View logic, is it not possible to hide columns until approval?

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I have quite a number of columns and I don't want all of them displayed in the panel until a trigger is reached for a grouping of each section. For example, until a recommendation is approved, I am hiding about 20 columns. Once approved, I want to make the next set of about 5 columns revealed for edit and once that milestone is reached and selected as approved, the next grouping is revealed and editable for the next grouping. What I have tried is to have the next grouping as editable but then it shows all of the rest of the columns.


  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @jmtrix

    Yes, it should be possible to hide 5 fields at a time and only reveal these fields as editable should the previous section have "Approved" in a specific drop-down menu. These would need to be 4 different rules, each with their own "When" criteria, and all 20 of the fields should be "Hidden" in the Details Panel Layout.

    If you're not seeing this, would you be able to post a screen capture of your Dynamic View Field Logic as it's set up, and a screen capture of what it looks like in the actual view when you're adding information? Please block out any sensitive data though!



  • I am trying to do something similar, displaying specific drop down fields based on the selection in the first drop down.  Those fields are hidden in the display panel settings and the logic is set, but those fields do not become visible as expected.  Is there something else that needs to be done?

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    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Jamie Demsko

    Field Logic in Dynamic View works differently than Conditional Logic in forms. In order for the field to recognize a new entry, the entry needs to be saved, submitting this value to the underlying sheet. Once that value is input to the cell/underlying sheet, the field can identify the value and apply logic to the View Panel.

    What this means is that after the Business Area has been updated, you need to click the "save" button before the following fields show up.

    You could either add helper text to your fields to identify this and ask your users to click "save" after each entry...or if this is the initial intake of the row, you could set up a Form from the underlying sheet as the intake form.

    I hope this helps clarify how the Panel works!