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If there an API for creating projects using with control center ?

Let's say i've a matchin row in the intake sheet and user doesn't need any specific information to be set and i would like to create the project through the api, and once created to edit some information reative to that project.

Is it possible, and if yes where is the relative documentation ?


  • EzraEzra ✭✭

    I think I understand what you are asking.

    You can set up the project approval "Intake" sheet to gather as much or little information as you need with a form. I tried to make the project's site address a required field, but some didn't want to enter it in the form. The project can be provisioned (a.k.a. spun-up or created) based on the Control Center blueprint (like a template of all of your project folder structure, sheets, reports and dashboards). Then users can edit the information by changing the project sheets directly, or through reports.

    My blueprint contains a number of pre-built reports to make it easy for users to edit just the information they need. For example, the "Update Site Info" report shows them just the rows and columns relevant to enter the address, city, etc...

    The Control Center Help and Learning pages are here:

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