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im using this for the 1st time to fetch data from a one drive excel sheet, if i choose replace as a option on uploader the data is not refreshed when the source data changes, however if i pick replace, then all the data is refreshed, but the formulas i create a now deleted as its a replace (even linked cells to another smartsheet). Does anyone have any idea where i am going wrong here?

i dont want to use attach, it needs to be something that works in the background with no intervention as its a frequently changed source.

thanks in advance


  • Hello @Cameron McGregor ,

    In this instance, you will want to use "Merge", and then toggle "Add new rows", and disable "Update existing rows" .

    See more on this here under "Select a Target Sheet and Upload Action":

    Please let me know if you have any questions



  • Cameron McGregorCameron McGregor ✭✭✭✭✭

    thanks @Sean Morgan , i still could not get this to work as you commented on, but i have managed to get it working on replace, and the VLOOKUP from another sheet doesn't get the links broken. i have scheduled this for tomorrow, as a test case...

    one further question, i presume the onedrive excel workbook must be open for the data uploader to fetch the data?

  • Hi Cameron,

    Were you able to get this to run as expected? The OneDrive file should not need to be open for the uploader to work.

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