Starting a New Multi Sheet Tracking System


Before I try to dive into this alone - I thought I'd ask for some recommendations. I manage a team of producers who each have a client pipeline.

I need to have each producer track their pipeline list with some basic data (dates, closing agent, status, etc.) - so each producer would have their own sheet assigned. I would create automation and reminders for them to ensure they're following up through the entire process.

From those sheets I want one master sheet that is for the managers only.

Can I automatically have the individual producer sheets feed into a Manager sheet that the producers cannot see?

I'm not quite up to dashboards - sheets are about all I can handle right now - but someday hope that I can create dashboards for each of my managers. :)

I appreciate the assistance/advice and pointing me in the right direction. I've included a screen shot below of the current google doc one of my managers uses to track her producers. I hate it. lol

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