Newly Created Groups not appearing

I have created a few groups and added members over the last 24 hours - however when I attempt to share sheets or dashboard - they do not appear as an option. I have submitted a ticket - but have not yet heard back from support. Am I missing something?

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  • Anthony Noe
    Anthony Noe ✭✭
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    Thanks. Submitted ticket on Wednesday - and they just got back to me ... not happy about repy time. See below in case anyone else runs into same issue.


    Thank you for contacting Smartsheet Support. I apologize for any delays you’ve experienced while trying to resolve this situation. There is currently a known issue which prevents users from using groups created in Admin Center in the Smartsheet App. We have identified the cause and are currently investigating it.

    As an alternate solution, please consider creating another group in the old Group Management UI using the below steps:

    1. In Smartsheet, select the Account Icon in the upper-right. 
    2. Select Plan & Billing Info.
    3. Select Group Management in the left-hand options.
    4. Create a new group from there.

    The groups created in Admin Center should now appear as expected. Go over to the sheet you were trying to share the group to and test it once again.