Publish calendar excluding summary tasks


I would like to publish my calendar as read only "for anyone with a link" without showing the summary tasks. I have this set up correctly on the calendar settings, but when I publish all of the summary tasks display. Is this possible?




  • Ben Goldblatt

    Hi @ilene_healy68056,

    With the Display Summary Tasks box unchecked in your Calendar Settings, the expected behavior is that the top-level parent rows in your sheet (gray task bars in the Calendar View) will be hidden to only show the child row sub-tasks. If you're using Hierarchy in your sheet to create the row relationships but the parent rows are showing in your sheet's Calendar View, even with the summary tasks box unchecked, this sounds like unexpected behavior. Feel free to post some screenshots of your sheet and the published version of the sheet (excluding or blocking out any confidential, company-specific information) and we'll be happy to take a look to see if we can pinpoint what may be causing the discrepancy, but you may also want to contact our Support Team as they are the best resource for troubleshooting technical issues.