Control Center Multi Tier: Moving Project to Another Workspace

Doug Hong
Doug Hong ✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

We have a multi tiered approached in our set up in Control Center. If we create a project in one workspace and later on needed to move the project to another workspace, is that possible in a simple stepped way? Didn't see this as an option in the global updates area.


  • Ben Goldblatt
    Ben Goldblatt Employee
    edited 09/16/20

    Hi @Douglas Hong,

    Global Updates in Control Center allow for the following actions:

    • Add New Column
    • Modify Existing Column
    • Add New Metadata
    • Find/Replace

    As you found, there isn't a global update option for moving projects to a different location. Projects that have already been created through Control Center would need to be manually moved into a different workspace to change its storage location. You could update the Blueprint to point to a different workspace, but this will only help for new projects that are provisioned after saving that change.

    I highly recommend Submitting a Product Enhancement Request for adding a "location change" option to the Global Updates functionality, as I can definitely see the benefit of this especially if multiple existing projects need to be moved at once.