Wrike/smartsheet Integration?

Cat Werbeck
Cat Werbeck ✭✭✭✭
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One of our departments made a decision to get Wrike last year. They've told me it can integrate with smartsheet- but I haven't found anything that explicitly gives how-to kind of guidance or is it just an API kind of thing where we have to pretty much develop it. I hope to show the team all the great new functionality we saw at Engage- but in the meantime, it's here.

Use Case: they have created a process to track any finance, legal, etc that is required for a project our mix of projects may require all, one, none). But the PMO just kicked off a pilot for intake, team, department, project and Program Management with Dashboards at all levels of our organization, where team level status updates (issues, health, status, etc) real time. We've also simplified what each role needs using workapps. I would like to be able to keep this group inside smartsheet and not have to go into two systems now, I was thinking maybe with some conditional form logic, maybe we could get somewhere? At the end of the day, if a project requires these specific items to be tracked- the progress has to be tracked in our plans. Our goal is efficiency and reduced overhead, updating and managing two queues would be counterproductive

All that said, is there really an integration? Just seems odd, but it was apparently one of the selling points for that team. Any experience/guidance or direct knowledge of Yes or No would be helpful. Thanks- it's great to have a forum like this to ask the question.

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