Bridge and Quickbooks

Art Davida
Art Davida ✭✭
edited 09/08/23 in Add Ons and Integrations

Can bridge be used to communicate with quickbooks? Specifically, can Bridge export purchase orders, and budget estimates to quickbooks?


  • Diana Yeh
    Diana Yeh Employee

    Hey @adavida57176 ,

    Bridge does not currently have an out-of-box integration with Quickbooks, but you can still connect to other systems by using the HTTP function, which allows you to call out to any external system to send a request and retrieve data.

    Regarding Quickbooks specifically--I took a quick look at their API documentation, and it seems like the following is possible:

    • Purchase Orders: you can create a PO, delete a PO, get a PO as a PDF, query a PO, read a PO, send a PO, and update a PO
    • Budget: you can retrieve the current state of budgets or query a budget

    With the data collected from either of these two end points, you can push and pull this data depending on what you need to achieve. As an example, once a PO is created for a company in Quickbooks, you can push this information over into a Smartsheet row.

    Hope this helps!