Taking and showing attendance for instructors in a class

Tracy PIneda
Tracy PIneda ✭✭
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I have a form that is used to take attendance for 6 weekly sessions. The form populates a contact list for each class and calculates each participants progress during the 6 weeks using a JOIN DISTINCT COLLECT Participant@row formula.

There are 3 different cohorts of the same class going on at the same time. I have a sheet with each cohort that I want to display when they there attendance for each session individually.

Basically when the form recieves that they attended "Class 1" , I want the attendance sheet to show a checkmark in the colomn dated for class one. But it has to match up with the participant from the form to the attendance sheet.


  • Here are some Pics

    Pic 1. The sheet the collects the attendance. If "Clase 1" is entered in the "Clase Asistida" coloumn for Testing Test participant, (Pic 2) then I want a checkmark or even just "Clase 1" to be entered in the coloumn with "Clase 1: 01/13/2021" that corresponds with the PARTICIPANT column.