Logged in user filter on report in WorkApp

Andrea Zenner
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I have a report that is filtered by the logged in user. I have published that report to a WorkApp.

My user can see all users' information on the report via the WorkApp, not just their own. However, if she looks at the sheet directly in Smartsheet, she only sees her information.

Is there a trick (like the "Dashboard Viewer" option for putting a logged in user filtered report on a dashboard) to using that filter in a WorkApp?

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  • Travis Vozka

    Hi Andrea! The tricky part here is always the report's settings and configuration. To create a report that is filtered by the current user, you'll want to use the "has all of" + "Current User" for your Contact List column in the underlying sheet. Once that's set up, simply add the Report to a WorkApp and it'll filter by current user for you!

    Also - remember with WorkApps you no longer have to share the report or its underlying sheets directly to the user. Simply add whoever you need into a role in the WorkApp, and they'll have access to those assets as you've defined them!