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Enhancement Request: Filters to include and / or functionality

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I would like to request the ability to customize filters by adding specific conditions to each row.  The filters currently have an option to show rows that match all conditions or an option to show rows that match at least one condition.  


Because we share our SmartSheets with multiple teams, I would like the ability to add an "or" condition for two rows.  If a row is completed we add a finish date and the filter hides the row.  I would like to add a condition to continue displaying the rows for 3 days after the Finish column has been populated with a date.  This will give other users an opportunity to view the row for a few days until it is hidden.   



Here's a screenshot showing the desired functionality.  

Enhancement Description: Ability to add an "Or" condition between the two rows below. 

3-10-2017 9-42-09 AM.jpg


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