Workspace Branding Appears Small & Blurry

I have more than one workspace in Smartsheet, one that I created and one that I am an admin for but not an owner. The workspace that I am an admin for has a large, clear brand at the top of the sheets and forms, but when I try to change the logo on the second workspace that I own, it comes out small with blurred edges. I have tried resizing it all different ways and nothing seems to fix it. Is there a way to fix this? My logos are appearing tiny at the top of the sheets/forms in this workspace.


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    Are you using the same file for the logo?

    Have a look at this article

    Did that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Unfortunately I've already tried all of those dimensions and none of them worked out. I am not using the same logo as the original workspace, it is a different png file that was created specifically according to the chart of dimensions on smartsheet. I'm not sure what else to try but I can't seem to get a clear, decent-sized logo to use.

  • I'm having the exact same issue and the article cited does not help. Here is the logo I am trying to enlarge so that it is viewable on the Workspace as well as the Survey created in Smartsheet. I have resized it three times with no major change in size. This one I cropped out the blank space around the logo. No major change.

  • I found the fix to mine. Not only did I ensure I was using the maximum size file as it shows when you try uploading a brand logo, I did like you said and cropped the extra space. After I cropped mine to the thinnest possible borders, it enlarged properly on Smartsheet workspaces and has looked fine since. Yours seems to be more square and tall, I have found that wide and short rectangular logos work best. Good luck!