Is there an issue with Copy Row Automation?

Kingsley Wong
Kingsley Wong ✭✭
edited 02/11/21 in Smartsheet Basics


I am struggling with an issue (bug?) that doesn't display newly copied data using the copy row work flow function and would like to know if any one has come across this?

We have a sheet with vlookup formula which returns some data from a metrics sheet. In this vlookup formula sheet there is workflow which copies this row of data to a second sheet (daily at a scheduled time). Then using the second sheet we generate a chart.

The problem we have is that, when I look on the second sheet (which should contain a new line of data after 07:00) it only displays the old data even after refreshing... UNTIL I sort the data by ascending/descending. Then the data magically appears?

The activity log does show the workflow has copied data onto the sheet.


Kingsley Wong