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I was just in the WorkApps webinar and I saw that you can give access to anyone in your domain to a WorkApp (answer to someone else's question). I want to find out how I would do that. We are rolling out a new process to our entire organization and we think the WorkApp would be the best way as we have staff all over the world.


  • Travis Vozka
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    @LK Shook Thanks for joining our webinar today! To share your WorkApps, you can add individuals or groups to a role that you've created in your WorkApp. You can do that by clicking on the "Add People" button in the top right of the WorkApps builder (next to the publish button). This Help Article (specifically the Brand and Publish your WorkApp section) can also help walk you through the steps.

  • LK Shook

    I understand how to add people or groups but the answer to one of the questions was that I could add everyone based on the company domain. That what I wanted to learn how to do. I don't want to have to add each individual to the app or group, that would be a monster. I want to share it to the whole company.

  • Maxwell Griffith

    @LK Shook To elaborate further on your question, sharing is on a per-app basis. If you share an app with a group, that group will only get access to that app. You can add groups to any number of apps.

    In theory, you shouldn't have to add individuals with the same company domain as long as you have them a part of a given group a system admin/yourself has created.

    Let us know if you have any additional questions, or need guidance on how to perform these actions.


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    I think what he's talking about is when you're dealing with partners/customers. SmartSheet Dynamic View allows you to grant access to a domain, so that anyone who logs into Smartsheet with an email address in that domain can access that Dynamic View. WorkApps desperately needs this same domain level access. Many of us can't manage individual/group users in large organizations, especially for customers where we have no visibility of who works there. WorkApps needs the same domain permission feature that Dynamic View have.