Formulas & Filter Assistance for a To Do List


Hi, I have tried a few searches and haven't quite found what I need to perform the function within my smartsheet. Hoping some of the Formula wizards can help me out.

I am using Smartsheet to manage my to do list.

The filters are great but only make allowances for 1 or ALL conditions, I require 2.

I am wanting to create a formula, likely an IF AND statement to flag all priority rows 3-5 AND alert me when the Due Date is 7 days out from today.

This is what I have got but it is not working as I would like.

=IF(AND([Due Date]@row >= TODAY(7), Priority@row <= "3"), "Red", "Green")

The intent is to flag all priority time-sensitive tasks in a filter, remove completed from this view and for to update automatically with the data provided.

What is the best way to have a column auto populated with a set list of text? eg. When Priority 1 is flagged against a row it populates text "low priority - not time critical"

What is the best way to have a date/ time auto stamped on a row upon the "done" checkbox being marked as complete

Appreciate any and all help.


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