Is anyone else out there having issues with the new Work Apps working?

I recently launched a WorkApps and those I invited got an error message. Smartsheet IT is working to resolve but I"m curious if others are having the similar issues, if it has been resolved for you, etc.



  • It's likely due to the convoluted mess that they introduced with Workapps, it's yet another set of access controls and subscription on top of what base Smartsheet. It should just be part of the product, not some Premium feature and it should share the access you give to the base Smartsheet elements. We stopped all trial usage of it and went back to building our own Dashboards/Reports.

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    @Bill Reals - I'm in the same boat. After recently upgrading to Enterprise, adding the Salesforce integration and adding a few premium applications, I can't justify adding yet another cost just to create a workaround for something. I really wish that instead of introducing yet another new paid application they would just make some changes to the core application.

    Not to mention, some of the items shared via WorkApps take the user right back into the main application, so then what's the point?! My purpose for WorkApps would only be to avoid having teams try to navigate and search for (or stumble upon) sheets/reports, etc. in the main application. But, depending on what is shared in WorkApps (dashboards for example), they can be led right back to the main application anyway.

  • YES, I'm having issues with WorkApps

    I unable to open any dashborad (always the same error)... I have a ticket opened 13 days

    BILL REALS: How do you stopped all trial usage?


  • My issue has been resolved. Your company needs to do something on their end (like allow others with a different email domain alias) to access your WorkApp. Smartsheet's error mentioned that and I found that to be true. Engage your system administrator is my advice.