Generating values that can be referenced in a drop-down


I'm looking to create a formula and cell reference system that can be used to generate a value that can be referenced in another cell or ideally a form.

Here's the workflow breakdown.

  1. The field fills out a form that creates a new line with an auto-generated "Request Number"
  2. If the form has a "Build" in the "Request Type" column, I want to generate a number in my "Tag Number" column (most likely based off a formula). This Tag Number needs to be independent of the Request Number.
  3. When a form has "Modify" or "Dismantle" in the "Request Type" column, I want to access the existing Tag Numbers and allow the user to select one of the existing Tag numbers (Preferably in a drop down list).
  4. When a "Dismantle" is selected in the form, I want to remove that Tag Number from the selectable list.

Is this possible?

I've looked at:, but I think most people using this form will be using mobile.

I'd prefer this to be automated to prevent someone from having to go in and manually fill in the Tag Number.



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