Can Power Apps use the Smartsheet connector to update cell values in a Smartsheet?

I wrote a Power App that accesses the data in Smartsheet cells. A Smartsheet contains a table full of Rows. And each record in that table includes some data and then a table with the custom columns/cells. So you can't just connect to a Smartsheet. Instead, I loop through the Smartsheet and build a local collection that feels more like a table. It works great, and I'm happy to share the code.

What I would like to do now is be able to update the value in a Smartsheet cell from my Power App. I've been unsuccessful so far, but before I really bang my head against the wall to figure it out I wanted to confirm that the Power Apps Connector for Smartsheet supports record updates. In particular, the Sheet contains a table of Rows. The Rows contain a table of Cells. The cell table is a list of [ColumnId, value, displayValue]. I want to be able to update a record in the cell table to modify the value in that cell in the Smartsheet.

Is this supported?

Eric Brown



  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Eric Brown

    Based on Microsoft's documentation for the Smartsheet connector, it looks like you can only add new rows with Power Apps and not update current ones in this way. You can see a list of all the actions you can take with this connector on Microsoft's documentation page, here: Microsoft Docs / Connectors / Connector reference / Smartsheet / Actions

    I found a discussion in the Microsoft Power Automate Community where other users asked for something similar and one member used the Smartsheet API as a potential solution. See: Update a row in SmartSheet.



  • Matt Krieger
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    Hi @Eric Brown ,

    I am interested in the code of how you looped through the Smartsheet Sheet Data's Columns and Rows to build up a usable table. Can you share that? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around working with the data that is returned from the Smartsheet connector.



  • Thanks @Eric Brown for asking this question. I concur with @Matt Krieger's question -- would you please share your code or the outline in PA? The are so few examples and such little documentations out there. Thank you, Sarah

  • Neil Watson
    Neil Watson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Eric Brown it would be great if you could share the code you mentioned, please?

  • @Eric Brown echoing Neil and sgarm! Would be interested in learning how you did this...

  • Eric Brown
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    Here's the routine that pulls data from the Smartsheet. Looking at it now, I could optimize it by not having to repeat the same LookUp over and over, looking up the ColumnID for my Taxonomy and Level columns.

    Anyway, hope this helps. I'm loving Power Apps so much.

    // Get the Sheet id

    Set (TaxonomySheetID, LookUp(Smartsheet.ListSheets().data,name="FD Taxonomy",id));

    // Get the names and ids of the columns

    Clear (ColumnIdTable);

    ForAll (Smartsheet.GetColumns(TaxonomySheetID).data,

      Collect (ColumnIdTable,


    // Get a copy of the table of taxonomy entries

    Clear (TechTaxonomy);


      Collect (TechTaxonomy, 







  • All,

    This is what I did to read a table in power apps form Smart Sheets not as dynamic as above, but still a way to pull the data into PA:

    1. You need to enable dynamic schema in the app's settings under experimental feature. (You need to do this because the function Smartsheet.GetSheetData returns a Dynamic Schema. Other wise PA cant interpret that data type you pull in)







      ), 'Action Type' = Table_Filter.Selected.Result


    xxxx. = my smartsheet ID from the smartsheet properties window on my table

    'Action Type' = a row in my table I want to filter by

    Table_Filter = a dropdown on my app that has the Action Types

    "value" = the array that the function returns

    NOTE: I had to add a filter to display data in a table, I don't know why, because it would pop up in the preview window fine.

  • Does anyone know who to connect the Power Apps to Smartsheet Datasource. I tried the Smartsheet connector and it ignores it